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Law Firm Merger Opportunities

Never before has there been so much merger activity among law firms in the United States, Europe and Asia. Several things must be noted about the current legal market, not only nationally but also worldwide.  Competition among law firms is intense.  Bruce MacEwen of website "Adam Smith, Esquire" has noted that law firms deal with this competitive environment in several different ways.  “One way, is by becoming global and matching clients’ geographic footprints through mergers and acquisitions.  A second way of handling this competitive environment is by becoming a regional or boutique firm.  A third way is by putting selective fee innovations in place.  The one thing that firms cannot do in this intensely competitive legal market,” Bruce remarks, “is not deal with it.”

At the McKinley Group, our experienced attorneys and partners in offices from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, can help your firm sort out the competitive legal environment and decide if a merger is right for you.  Knowing the national and international legal landscape gives us the ability to deliver the “right” information your firm needs when considering how to grow and whether your firm should consider merger opportunities.  We can help your firm answer the following questions:

  • What is happening among law firms in the merger and acquisition area in your market?
  • If your firm wants to grow, should you consider a merger?
  • To whom should you be talking, and how do you manage the process?
  • How do you maintain confidentiality so that your firm does not appear to be desperate or reveal its hand in your local legal market?
  • How will you accomplish due diligence, client conflict checks, and other sensitive discussions in a merger discussion with another firm?
  • What are the potential negatives in considering a merger?
  • What about integration, and post merger or acquisition follow-up?

If your firm is considering growth through a merger or a group acquisition, your firm needs experienced professionals to help you navigate these important areas.  At The McKinley Group, we can provide that experience.  Whether your law firm is considering growth by acquiring significant small or medium size firms in a particular market, considering growth in a new market with an acquisition, or considering a merger with another firm of like or larger size, The McKinley Group can provide opportunities and expertise.  Contact a McKinley Group partner for a confidential discussion about your firm’s growth plans.

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