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Partner Acquisitions

The McKinley Group specializes in identifying and working with important partners who maintain a large client base and large annual collections.  Often, these partners are not looking for a new opportunity, but are practicing at a very high level and are generally at the top of their field.  These are the partners with whom law firms wish to grow.  Not only do we know who these partners are, but we know how to engage them and bring them to your firm's table.  There are numerous questions that a law firm must ask if it wants to grow through acquisition of significant partners:

  1. How do we find the right partners with the practice and business that we need?
  2. How will we communicate confidentially with them?
  3. How do we accomplish due diligence?
  4. How can we manage the process efficiently without wasting time?
  5. How will we know what to do at the offer stage and who will manage that process?

At The McKinley Group, we can help your firm answer these important questions and more.  Contact one of our partners for a confidential discussion of your firm and its growth needs.  We’ll share with you some of our recent successes and how our knowledge, relationships and experience can work for you.

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