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Practice Group Acquisitions

At The McKinley Group our partners from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, California bring significant partners, often with large books of business, to law firms throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.  As the nation's leader in law firm growth opportunities specializing in partner placement, we are in constant communication with partners at almost all AmLaw100 and AmLaw200 law firms.  Because of this, our knowledge of the legal landscape, our relationships with key partners in law firms throughout the world, and our experience in bringing the right partners to explore new opportunities, is unmatched.

Often, our McKinley Group partners identify key practice group leaders who are open to new opportunities.  These key practice group leaders will, in a move to a new firm, bring other key partners with substantial clients and revenue, and often bring the associates in the group who support them.  Many times groups of ten or more key partners will consider a new opportunity if it is one the entire group can consider.  But the most important discussion in a practice group acquisition is the one that is held with the practice group leader.  This is where our experience counts most.

McKinley Group partners have years of experience in attracting practice group leaders, and the partners and associates who make up those groups.  From a confidential discussion of your firm's opportunity, to the gathering of information and due diligence, to the coordination of the interview process, to the offers and post integration with both practice group and law firm, our partners can help your firm identify important practice groups, and introduce them to your opportunity.  Here are some of the questions firms need to answer about practice group acquisitions:

  1. How do we identify key practice group leaders that would fit our culture?
  2. How do we perform due diligence on the business they will bring?
  3. How will we determine who in their practice group may also be interested in a new opportunity?
  4. How do we maintain confidentiality in the interview process?
  5. Who will help us with the transfer of information needed to look at the practice group and assess our interest?
  6. Who can help us with the offer stage and assure that we make the right offers needed to acquire the practice groups with whom we want to grow?
  7. What about post follow-up integration?

Whether you represent a law firm looking for strategic growth, or are a partner or practice group leader open to new opportunities, contact a McKinley Group partner for a confidential discussion of your individual or group’s situation.  We’ll share our recent projects, our process, and our results, and how our knowledge, relationships and experience can work for you.

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